Generation UK-China Program completed successfully in Qingdao

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The Generation UK – China program is to support student mobility and exchange between the UK and China. It is a mechanism for building trust, understanding and mutually rewarding relationships between organisations and individuals in our two nations, especially among the younger generation.

By creating opportunities for UK students to learn first-hand about Chinese language, culture and business, the program will help bring the younger generation closer together, increase mutual appreciation and trust, and pave the way to lasting links and partnerships, which will create greater social and economic benefits for both countries.

It is a 8-week program. The students spent 3 weeks in the university for studying Chinese language skills, cultural courses and business. Then for the rest 5 weeks, they went to the company (international or local) for internship.

This year, there are students in Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhuhai for this program.